Boron Carbide Powder

Boron Carbide Powder is produced by the reaction of Boron Trioxide and Carbon at high temperatures in an electric arc furnace. The material is then milled and purified. Boron Carbide is a superiorly hard material (Mohs hardness > 9) and is one of the hardest materials known behind Diamond and cubic boron nitride. The material is sought after due to its high hardness, abrasive wear resistance, fracture toughness, chemical inertness, and important to the nuclear industry, a high neutron absorbing cross-section. Boron Carbide powders can be used for reaction bonded, hot-pressed or sintered ceramic applications. The material is therefore well suited for technical ceramics, wear parts and other industrial parts such as body and vehicle armor. Other uses include refractory additives and honing sticks.

$15.00$35.00 / KG

Applications of Boron Carbide Powder

  • Grinding, lapping and polishing tungsten carbide and other hard materials such as different types of ceramics, minerals, glasses, etc..
  • Hot pressing and sintering of the hard and abrasion resistant parts with super light weight.
  • Ceramic armor
  • Refractory
  • Solid rocket fuel
  • Metallurgical refractory with high corrosion and oxygen resistance.
  • Neutron absorbing materials for nuclear technology.
  • Additive for sintering silicon carbide parts and diamond tools.
  • Steel modification component with high boron content.
  • Boronizing

Typical Technical data of Boron Carbide Powder

Appearance (dry state):ColorBlack
Chemical composition:Chemical formula:B4C Application
GradeAG (Abrasive)CG (Ceramic)RG (Refractory)NG (Nuclear)
B + C min.98999498
B (Boron) min.76777576
C (Carbon) max.2322.52424
Fe (Iron) max.
Si (Silicon)
N (Nitrogen)98999498
B + C min.
Isotope B10 (atomic weight)19.5-21.5%
Physical data:Knoop hardness (0.1)3000
Mohs hardness< 9.5 Note: Diamond’s Mohs hardness is 10
Specific gravity:2.51
Melting point:2723 oF

Boron Carbide Powder Availability of Particle Sizes
Boron carbide grit sizes correspond to the specifications of the Federation of European Producers of Abrasive Products (FEPA):

F100 (150/106 um)F220 (75/45 um)F360 (40/12 um)F800 (14/2 um)
F120 (125/90 um)F240 (70/28 um)F400 (32/8 um)F1000 (10/1 um)
F150 (106/63 um)F280 (59/22 um)F500 (25/5 um)F1200 (7/1 um)
F180 (90/53 um)F320 (49/16.5 um)F600 (19/3 um)F1500 (<5 um)

Other sizes in FEPA and USA Mesh System are available on request: -10, -15, -20 µ

Weight1000 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 100 cm


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